Digital Marketing is the new basic!

The world is a big place, and it is no flabbergast that the big place is proliferating each day. With every passing day, people are coming up with new technologies, new dupes, to make this living, more reposing and facile. The market is puffing up each day; with new efforts being poured in and better escapes being recognised to taper strenuous chores and market them. The virtually operating markets, also known as digital markets, are the ones soaring at the highest rate. This holds a simple rationale behind, the need for the shop owner or the business man to reach the scattered customer.

Why digital marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the most vital part of any firm or business to survive in the long run. People are demanding more readily and at hand available services. The virtual markets make almost everything available to the consumers at their doorsteps through delivery services. From a plumber to a beautician, from a computer engineer to a cook and from a simple water bottle to even fruits like banana can be bought online. Meaning to say, when you can purchase almost everything just by browsing through the global markets, then who will take the pain of walking den a couple miles to buy veggies.


Besides, after he economic globalisation and liberation of the nations, the markets are expanding at inflating rates. More and more firms are entering each other’s countries with the central aim to vanquish the market and curb the domestic markets. The entire framework, when coupled with internet ad virtual world, incepts to work expeditiously and the entire framework is catalysed at a dreadful rate. So, who in the world, will not take the opportunity to flourish briskly and beat even the highest echelon of lucrativeness.

The digital marketing has hence, become the most successful getaway to ignore the true complexities of the contemporary day markets and make buying and selling a sheer duck soup.

Some facts about digital marketing

Digital marketing is a medium of running a business and pushing the selling and procuring services through the use of technologies and internet. Below are some facts, that you just cannot afford to ignore:

  • The prices of advertising online are bewildering and sky rocketing. A single online advertisement can cost up to $77.37 billion.
  • As per a newspaper article, ‘blogs’ exercise the most influence over the people in moulding their purchase decisions.
  • Digital marketing receives almost 125% of traffic from mobile phones, i.e. over 125% people use mobile phones to access digital market.
  • As high as 83% of the shoppers, buy and make purchase on the same day of the month.
  • ½ of the entire mobile using activity, results into a purchase for sure.
  • 67% of the mobile users can be enticed into shopping, if the shopping sites are mobile friendly.

Components of digital marketing

Digital market is nothing like a sole body, running alone and making things facile. It is an aggregate of certain components, working in a close synergy and acting as its soul. Certain basic components that help the entire digital marketing framework can be enlisted as following:

  • Websites: this is the online home or operating place of a business. A distinct ‘domain name’ allotted to it, acts as its address; which when a person feeds in the browser, can gain access to the online shop.
  • E-mailing: this includes sending general and personalised e-mails to people for the purpose of disseminating information and making masses cognizant of a certain piece of information.
  • SEO (search engine optimization): this is a process where under a detailed research is done and the ‘most searched’ products rather, words are found out and incorporated in the website detailing process. The sole purpose for doing do is to make a particular website pop up first, when someone searches for something that includes that word itself or something related to that word, a particular site pops up first.
  • Social: this is one of the most elementary and primary step to boost the sales of any business and make it popular among the masses. It makes more and more masses to become aware of the business operating or the launch of any product or any information, mend to be known widely. This involves sharing the site on social media platforms and taking other digital marketing
  • Content: this is the written matter about a site or product. This is what the people will read and percept about the site/product. Hence, it must be designed accordingly to build optimistic image in the mind of the people and must be made alluring.

Crashing on to the bottom line, digital marketing that each and every firm has to take to eventually, amongst this galore of vying firms and cut throat competition, the gamut of absolutely no firm allows them to escape from digital world; it would rather be the inception of a firm’s doom if they turn away from digitalization.