Responsive Web Design


In the world of endless new developments and devices, we are getting to the stage where with one hand we access our laptops, while with the other we scroll on our mobile phones. It is practically essential to have a webpage designed which will be compatible with all the screen resolutions so that when you view a particular webpage on your mobile instead of your laptop screen, you don’t miss out on any information that does not fit onto your screen because of its resolution.

Responsive Web Design uses CSS and HTML to create web pages that can comfortably adapt its content to fit into any device. It resizes, shrinks, hides, moves or enlarges the content to make it look good on any screen format. It is much more than just combining right fonts and colours, shapes, lines or texture. It is a platform through which you can engage your client and evoke his interest in your product, facilitate interaction and further transactions as required to boost your business.


We Work As A Team At Redteam Softwares:

  • Professional Team: We think of our work with you as a team effort. Be it a solo web-page, or an expansive data driven one, making it impressionable and captivating is our responsibility. All your ideas will be displayed as magical solutions to engage your users thereby increasing virtual visibility and ensuring increased traffic. Our team will create banner ads, newsletters and pop-ups to target your users.


  • Web Design: We will create your digital presence with the webpage by making it fresh and original, appealing, flexible and responsive. From the layout to texture, patterns and colours, everything will be synchronized to give it a perfect business outlook. We will employ techniques on your webpage so that you can keep on updating content in future, in a simple and an easy way.


  • Engaging viewport: We will make the viewport of your webpage the most engaging area so that the customers can get easily engrossed in the content irrespective of the different gadgets’ screen sizes. Whether they view it from a tablet or a mobile, the webpage will be flexible enough to adapt to any screen resolution without missing out on its important content.


  • Responsive Grid-View: Your Webpage will be designed by creating a grid view so that elements can be placed accordingly on the screen without making it appear messy or haphazard. Search button will be on the top right area of the screen, contact details right at the bottom, important content in the centre and about your company on the left. This will give the viewers an easy medium to access your entire webpage at a glance.


  • Media Query: It is our duty while creating a responsive web design, that we make your webpage compatible to every screen resolution. Adding a grid-view will make your webpage look sorted on a laptop screen, but it will look different on a mobile screen. Therefore, with media query we will create a breakpoint which will make certain parts of the design behave differently on the sides of the breakpoint but, it will help the content to adapt to various screen resolutions. Be it a landscape view, or a portrait one, this feature will adjust according to the orientation of the browser.


  • Design for Mobile: The best way to execute a responsive web design, is to first build the webpage according to a mobile screen rather than any other gadget. On doing this, your webpage will display faster on smaller screens and then necessary changes will be made by our technical team to make it compatible with other screen resolutions.


  • Images and Videos for Responsive Web Design: The images and the videos that you wish to display on your webpage will be scaled by our technical team with the help of media queries so that your webpage does not get overloaded. A larger picture will be displayed on the webpage when viewed from a desktop/laptop screen but a smaller image will be displayed when the viewer accesses it from a tablet or mobile phone. The video will be responsive and can scale up and down and resize on its own according to the screen resolution and available space.


  • Frameworks: A responsive style sheet or bootstrap will be used to create a framework so that the webpage looks similar even when the viewer resizes the page to view it.


  • Website Templates: We can create attractive templates for your webpage so that you can modify it or share and use them for all your other projects in future.


  • E-Commerce Web Design: In case you want to sell off any product online, we can add a shopping cart and a secure e-commerce system which will help you from the payment processes to the delivery of your package.


If you are from US, Canada, UK or New Zealand you can contact our offices directly for designing of your webpage and we will ensure that you work with an extremely dedicated team for turning your vision into reality.